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aviation oil filter shortage

We had a PT6 engine shipped to us and lost, if you can imagine that. I have also noticed that "sales" on oil and filters don't seem to be as good as before either. . At your next filter change, UPGRADE to state-of-the-art Tempest SPIN EZ oil filters - the filter that comes off without a fight! Determining which height filter to use all depends on the space you have inside the engine cowling. Cryer said that their uptick in business is shining a light on another issue, finding mechanics to take on the increased workload. We have a couple of guys working on a single problem, just to make sure we don't miss anything, Cryer explained, adding that the benefit of two sets of eyes on one problem is that it ensures different approaches. While not wanting to be the guy who recommends buying 400 cases of toilet paper, if you dont buy it now some asshole in a Bonanza will. Re: Is There Some Sort of Shortage of Champion Oil Filters? Your Recent Views. We were nearly sold on the ring magnet concept and asked Champion why they dont build a ring magnet in their filter. Im thinking late 50s or early 60s? And we know, as pilots and as mechanics, that whatever gets thrown at us, we're a pretty smart bunch, I think, and we can figure out how to make it through it all. Champion-brand oil filters keep dirt and harmful particles from damaging your engine. China has a different type of vaccine by Sinovac. But I would say, the bulk of our business is going to be the piston segment, Cryer said. On Order: 231 Units expected in 66-69 business day (s). Since most Lycoming engines have a filter bypass somewhere on the engine, the Lycoming-specific 48110-series filters omit the bypass valve. For this reason, Tempest continues to include the retaining cup design as a prophylactic measure. 312 square inches is the most in aviation oil filters.Spin EZ Solid Lubricant Tempest Spin EZ oil filters proprietary solid lubricant allows for easy removal of the filter. Replacement elements service engine-mounted or line-installed filter systems incorporating a permanent housing assembly. Oil filter screens are cleaned in a similar fashion by rinsing them in a container of Varsol and straining the rinsed contents through a filter. Champion Aerospace distributes Champion spin-on and element filters. The response was pretty much standard that it would be in one of the rear corners of the hangar. But once all that old stock that people have is depleted, you're really going to be left with trying to figure out the next move. I have three of these in my personal stockpile.. if youre really stuck, send me a PM and Ill be happy to sell you one for whatever they normally go for online. While there are currently two choices of readily available, spin-on aircraft oil filtersChampion Aerospace and the Tempest Original, made by Aero Accessories, what goes on your engine during an oil change will likely depend on what your maintenance shop has on its parts shelf. temp.) Unless otherwise noted, these reviews carry product pricing from the time of the original review. This means the filtering paper might catch contaminating particles sized 40 microns and larger. I can go have fun playing golf for cheaper than I can go fly my airplane around. That's a little bit of a concern for me. 2023 Flyer Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This give us an extra layer of defense to help filter out smaller micron particles that may get past the filtration media. I still stand on my opinion that anyone who operates any engine without an oil filter is going to be spending far more in extra maintenance than having an oil filter would cost them. The shortage of raw materials and supply chain issues in automotive and consumer technologies, especially with the microchip shortage, are well known, but I hadnt noticed an impact on private aviation until we ordered spark plugs in early May and were told there was an 8-week backlog, Schoensee said. Set Descending Direction. The last time we reviewed oil filters, we picked Champion as the winner, but this time around, Tempest convinced us that their design has a slight edge, because of the ring magnet and bypass valve design. Tempest's SPIN EZ filters are designed to come off easy. A: Yes, please see the attached Letter of Engineering Concurrence. Most GA aircraft have the luxury of having that space, but not all do, especially some of the smaller homebuilt and kit-built aircraft. Expecting some in September, but already back ordered. (Photos 03 and 04 on page 28 show an oil screen, and the residue removed from the screen, respectively.) Most told us they put on whatever the customer wants or whatever is already on the engine. Copyright 2023 Backcountry Pilot. I didnt really care about wiping my butt and feeding babies but this oil filter thing is intolerable! Heavy-duty steel mounting plate is cemented, spot-welded and crimped to case. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. During my years with Lycoming, I held various positions and at one time I was in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) sales. That's causing shortages at the airports where . The filter removes particulates that are the failure it does not prevent it, they will slow the wear rate by removing those particles. Our normal customer's based here in Waukesha. Heavy-duty steel mounting plate is cemented, spot-welded, and crimped to case. So, I purchased it from Chief and it was marked McFarlane. Some other places may do it within service limits. The woman told me the outlook for champion filters is worse. FXE: 2199 NW 53rd Street Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 sales@qaa.com Products / Aircraft Oil Filters Aircraft Oil Filters Quality Aircraft Accessories (QAA) stocks aircraft oil filters from Champion Aerospace and Tempest, as well as installation and inspection tools from Tempest. We always put new cylinders on, new pistons, overhaul the fuel system, mags, new harness, new spark plugs, and we build everything within new tolerances. I think that, with all the resources out there, and we're a pretty big country, and people have stuff on their shelves in places, so we end up being able to find stuff. TempestDespite rumors that its built by a third party, the Tempest Original filter, which has a list price of $29.49, is manufactured by Aero Accessories in their own North Carolina plant. The new FAA certified 900-HP Daher Kodiak 900 turboprop single combines TBM 960 and Kodiak 100 DNA into one airplane. Not only is there a shortage of the blue Subaru OEM filters but check out the double oil change procedure for the 6k mile/6 month oil change. Mooneyspace.com We do inspections, repairs, and everything you can think of on an airplane, he continued. Id stroll that way and check out the drain pan and guess what Id find at probably 50% or better of the facilities? If you know you change your oil three times a year, have three oil filters. . The presence of these fine particles would, according to Tempest, create a fuzzy appearance on the surface of the ring magnet. The strain on the supply chain and customer trends are changing the way maintenance is being. They come with a one-inch, wrench-off, hex nut built into the filters top with safety-wire lugs. $42.95. Point your Stock up. We buy stock as much as we can, Kuti said. Having a full flow oil filter should be a FAA requirement along with a mandentory filter inspection, and should be a requirement of the insurance companies. They specialize in Lycoming and Continentals, with Kuti saying there isnt anything they dont work on besides some of the older engines. If the aircraft was not designed for the filter there may well be space or clearance problems with a add-on filter,even remote mounted. Subscribe to the BackcountryPilot newsletter to be notified of new articles, videos, merchandise, and more. I see Spruce now has the individual filters listed at $31.43 but the 6 pack still at $159.14, however no stock for the singles until 7/21/22 and no stock for the 6-packs until 6/30/22. Click here to find a distributor of your choice. For more information on our Spin EZ oil filter please see the product literature section on our website. Added new article from Ravi Fry It all boils down to the factthat you can have almostanything you want on your engine, but you gotta pay! When you get down to that last one, go ahead and order two more, and that way you have them, he said. Thats because before Aero Accessories took over the lineand reengineered it internallythe filter was built by the same company that built the Champion. Aircraft engine maintenance, like most things in 2022, is not as straightforward as it used to be. Q: Do Tempest oil filters use a magnet? We basically use them as our stock room.. Volunteers Serving America's Communities, Saving Lives, and Shaping . I don't really have a good finger on that pulse yet, because everybody is still flying and they're still spending money on their airplanes. We just have to know that there's going to be that light at the end of the tunnel, if it darkens in on us, Cryer said. Information contained in this application data is for reference only. So far, it hasnt been the case. At your next filter change - UPGRADE to Tempest's patent-pending "non-sticking" SPIN EZ aircraft engine oil filters. In 1960 that may have made sense. Today. My sense is that if customers are sold on the perceived higher quality of the Champion, an extra five bucks is worth it to protect a $50,000 engine, said Doyle. I wonder if well be able to use synthetic oil when we switch to 100UL and be able to stretch out the oil change interval. I learned this from a Cummins regional manager. Thank you for your continued support. Customers are also shifting to opt for repairs rather than overhauls. The work Pinnacle does runs the gamut from major overhauls to prop strikes and cam changes. Q: Is the AA48103-2 and AA48104 interchangeable? I called McFarlane and they said these filters just come loose. Display name: rgbeard. Tall filters, of course, have more filtering media, which some believe are effective for longer service intervals. The other thing that comes to mind is the fact that when the maintenance event is signed off in the logbook, you are stating that you complied with all FAA requirements, etc., so if the maintenance failed to remove and inspect the screen or cut open the oil filter, then in my opinion, that was in violation ofthe FAA requirements, which states something to theeffect that you must remove, inspect and clean all screens and filters. This website contains many older reviews. 5 Items . Cryer said in one instance an engine was lost for some time in transit to them. Tempest SpinEZ filters all have magnets. Located nearly 1,000 miles away in Waukesha, WI, Samuel Cryer, president of Plane Safe Aircraft Maintenance, may never have seen an engine full of concrete, but is otherwise experiencing similar issues as Kuti. Choose from a wide range of commercial and military aviation filtration solutions designed for your unique needs: Coalescer & Separators - Designed for maximum coalescence and ultra-fine solids removal. Q: Is the AA48110-2 and AA48111 interchangeable? The OilEasy Wrench is specifically designed to remove the oil filter on any aircraft using the Continental IO-520, or IO-550 engine. He showed us photos of a competitor filter where the by-pass spring cage broke loose and occluded the filter outlet. Due to increase in demand in the past 6 months, the PF66 oil filter (GM# 55495105) is currently backordered. Internally, we counted 63 pleats in the filtering paper and measured .0275-inch thickness using a vernier caliper. As its nitrogen component causes nitrogen narcosis, it is considered to have a safe depth . I have seen magneto blast tubes cut ( causing high mag. I *think* the answer is obvious and that is really what the discussion should be centered around. I also ways order 108-2s in 6 packs and they are all in individual bags but in a nice box. We've always used Champions. Upload or insert images from URL. In recent years the industry has conquered that problem by introducing remote oil filters. And if you can get them, you can get one or two at a time, Cryer said. Champions Strata-Kleen filter media is a full-pleat, resin-impregnated cellulosic micronic filter media designed to trap all harmful particles including metallic chips resulting from abnormal wear. All Rights Reserved. Id rather that not happen here. I'm not sure why that is, he said. Part: CH48108-1 Categories: Aircraft Parts, Champion, Engine Parts, Oil Filters Tags: 43/4"H, Type 320, Type 340, Type 401, Type 402. The woman told me the outlook for champion filters is worse. He sees a time when these engines will need to be replaced with new models due to unavailable parts. The magnet attracts fine particles, but not at such a high rate as to overload it, at least in a normally running engine, between regular filter changes, said Tempests Tim Henderson. Does anyone know WHY there is a shortage of oil filters? Not Brian Doyle, an experienced technician who manages Midnav Aviation Services at North Adams Airport in Massachusetts. Responsibility for airworthiness of aircraft, including the installation of correctly selected approved replacement of parts lies with the aircraft owner/operator per FAR 91.163, FAR 121.363, FAR 123.45, FAR 127.131 and FAR 135.143 (a). A: Yes, please see the attached Letter of Engineering Concurrence. Filter Water Separators - Filter solids and separate water from jet fuel. Aircraft engines with out filters do have high pressure screens that will easily catch any particle large enough to cause catastrophic damage in a few flights. . Order some oil filters, have some on the shelf, have some spark plugs, oil, all your general maintenance stuff, make sure you have it. I do appreciate you taking your time to let us know your thoughts, and Im certain others now have learned something regarding this subject thanks to you. Prices have edged down by a few cents in recent days, but remain elevated. The challenger oil filter system replaces your existing throw away filter. 2727 18 Comments 2 Shares Share Exacerbating these high . At least get an agreement in place and maybe even a deposit on getting cylinders on order, Kuti said. I was at Walmart getting some commodities for the cars and found the oil/supply shelves to be very picked-over and limited in qty. They do have a shelf life!! This brings me to your statement An oil filter can mean the difference between getting to your destination safely and experiencing a catastrophic engine failure. How could this be if we experienced what I mentioned above? Just stop and think about this for a moment. It provides both surface and scientific depth filtration because the oil flows through many layers of locked-in fibers. And we're not afraid to search, we're not afraid to call people, we're not afraid to call other shops and ask for their help on it. According to industry-approved tests, the Champion oil filter traps and holds more dirt and harmful particles during its normal operating time than any other similar filter. Improved baseplate thread replaces cut thread with an improved rolled thread, without affecting tolerances on the thread dimensions. If the aircraft was not designed for the filter there may well be space or clearance problems with a add-on filter,even remote mounted. Wow, glad I bought a box of 6 months ago. For instance, last year, Continental kind of changed directions and they pulled a lot of part numbers off their production list. Big trucks change them at 750 hours, factory suggest 500 hours. All of this issue with parts and the supply chain comes at a time when business is on an uptick, with Cryer describing them as being almost chaotic busy.. Q: How often should I replace my Tempest oil filter? Engine wear metals contain both ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Is There Some Sort of Shortage of Champion Oil Filters? Some car owners across the U.S. have been complaining about a motor oil shortage. Located in Silverhill, Alabama, and founded in 2010, Kuti and his partners bought Pinnacle in 2019. ConclusionWe have no problem installing either a Champion or Tempest on our engine. Our sense is the larger valve induces more travel, which may or may not play a role in more oil pressure and flow when the filter goes into by-pass.

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