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old double barrel shotgun with hammers

Here is an item from a relative of mine that it seems some of you may enjoy. Copyright 1995-2023 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. This shotgun has the manufacturers name on one side, and the year of manufacturing on the other side. Marked "London" on top of the barrel. Here we present an antique Parker Brothers Grade 0 Double Barrel 12 Gauge Hammer Shotgun .Click for more info. This is an Antique double barrel hammer Shotgun, with 30" barrels dated 1892. Locks up tight. If the antique double barrel shotgun was maintained in a good condition, chances are that youre going to be able to identify it easily. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. 5 3/4LBS, APPEARS TO, *** JUST IN FROM THE UK *** Undoubtedly this gun is the work of the Birmingham gun trade where a well organised workforce cooperated to manufacture gun, Hammerguns - Great nitro steel barrels with excellent walls on this entry level English double. *Note the great modern stock dimensions. Cocking those hammers will make you feel like Clint Eastwood in Unforgiven or Costner and Duvall at the end of Open Range, if only for a moment, and a range day spent with this scattergun, a lever action rifle, and a single-action six gun is like taking a little trip back in time. The specs for an Old West coach gun are fairly liberal yet specific. Featured Gun Classifieds Shotguns - American Double Antique, Parker Brothers VHE SXS Shotgun 16 GA 26" barrels, 2 1/2" chambers, IC/MOD (.005/.010), #1 Frame, double triggers, auto-ejectors, auto-safety, splinter forearm, capped pistol grip st, 20 gauge, 2 1/2" chambers, 26" damascus barrels with extractor's. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In fact, its a good idea to get any gun from this era checked out before shooting it. 13-1/2 inches LOP. Rustless Metal Case by Peters. SN is 79xx, all numbers match. Please call Mark 715-814-1295 Pack and ship $55 LAYAWAY:Layaway is available with 1/3 down of final total price including shipping/, Midland hammergun 12 gauge, 3" chambers, 30" barrels feature a flat top file cut rib choked improved modified and full. Area Code: 314. Antique Double Barrel Shotgun Hammer Sidelock Matching Plates WESTON . I believe it is from the early 1800's. SN is FSA837xx, made in 2001. Locks work properly. Some of the most valuable brands include Parker, L.C. This information makes the shotgun easy to identify. Antonio Zoli Shotguns; Arrietta Shotguns; AYA Shotguns; B Misc Shotguns; Baikal Shotguns. This gun was made in the late 1800s and is an outstanding example. Antique double barrel shotguns were used during wars and other conflicts may have visible signs of age. Time left: 5d 4h | Starting bid: US $51.00 [ 0 bids] Bid Amount - Enter US $51.00 or more. Kingston, NY 12401 Phone: 866.686.7424 Fax: 877.486.7278 12 Gauge Chambers: 2 3/4" Barrels: 28" LOP: 14" DAC: 1 3/8" DAH: 2" Cast Off Chokes: Full & Modified, Colt 1878 "Wells Fargo" Hammer Shotgun 12 ga 18 1/4" side by side Damascus barrels (beautiful Damascus) Period repaired forend Bores are nice and shiny Made in 1887, "Made in 1897. If you need help identifying, valuing, or buying a double barrel shotgun that is more than 100 years old, continue reading this article to gain key information and learn more about these majestic weapons. Montgomery Ward (marked L.C.Smith)SXS Sidelock Shotgun .12 Gauge. The field grade was designated as the Sterlingworth. Ejectors are an option that adds value, and most systems were reliable, but problems with ejectors can be expensive to rectify. I guess he was widely imitated like some of the best gun makers in England (notice a different spelling of "Claybrough"), 28" MOD AND FULL 2 3/4 DOUBLE TRIGGER EXTRACTORS SPLINTER FOREARM ENGLISH GRIP CHECKERED BUTT AS NEW CONDITION 7LBS 5 OZ X 2 3/16 X 1 1/2 X 14 1/4. Original patina. But that wont be necessary unless the shotgun is heavily damaged or the marks are seriously faded. Most antique grandfather clocks for, Read More Antique Grandfather Clocks Value: How Much Is My Grandfather Clock Worth?Continue, Every shop has a cash register, regardless of the type of retail. Still, the origin of the shotgun shouldnt change its value significantly. Even if the age of manufacture has faded, there may be other marks you can consider for identification, such as other numbers that mark the length and correspond only to certain manufacturers. Double barrel hammer shotgun. The Fox design was simple with less moving parts and coil springs. The short barrels allow a gunner to maneuver within the confines of the drivers box of a stage, and the spread of shot made hitting moving targets while firing from a wooden box that was bouncing along unpaved roads an achievable feat. The same frame was used for both 16- and 20-gauge guns. The pistol grip stock is checkered and the locks have some minimal engraving. As far as self-defense applications go, its probably not a great idea to go with the Hammer Coach as a first choicethis goes double for new gun owners. Bores are good. Metallurgy at the turn of the century wasnt what it is today, and 100-year-old wood shouldnt be subjected to the stresses of heavy recoil. The No. BOXLOCK 12 GAUGE SIDE X SIDE SHOTGUN CA. SMITH Antique SIDE LOCK Double Barrel 12 GAUGE Hammer SHOTGUN Sporting/Hunting Shotgun Made Circa 1888 Here we present an antique L.C. Built for cowboy action shooters, the Hammer Coach retains the classic features of older double-gun designs while being built with current production methods and including modern safety features. The Hammer Coach shotgun from CZ is a modern version of a classic exposed hammer 12-gauge side-by-side. It could also serve as a competent brush or scrub gun, within limits. I have not lettered it to see if it came fro, Pre-1890 L.C. Additionally, theres a possibility that the manufacturers name is visible. The top grades represented the highest levels of the gun makers art and rivaled the finest English shotguns. Read Next: 24 Best Rifles and Shotguns of 2020. This double-barrel 12-gauge shotgun features two fully functioning external hammers and a double . A similar story applies to eBay and Etsy where you can find some parts, leather bags and similar items, but not shotguns themselves. You can find anything from the USA-made shotguns to Belgian-based manufacturers that shipped their shotguns to the USA. Of course, having this shotgun on hand would be better than having a sharp stick, and all thatbut theres a reason exposed hammer guns are considered antiquated. Its a nimble little fixed cylinder choke shotgun that swings fast, shoulders fast, and fires two rounds as quick as you can pull the triggersjust like the frontier defensive guns of the 1800s that it emulates. Sidelock double with hammers. CZ-USA Sharp-Tail 20 Gauge SxS Break Action Shotgun 28" Double Barrel 3" Chamber. Since its a Turkish-made CZ, the fit, finish, and function are flawless. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There are plenty of options online, like different forums, websites specializing in firearms, as well as private antique dealers who offer their services online. It has 28" Damascus barrels and is sold "as is" 12 Gauge, 30 inch and 28 inch barrels with fine bores. Seller: AncestryGunsLLC. 30 Damascus barrel , 2 chambers Black powder proof , . All these makers had a field grade level of gun that came in a basic stock configuration with little adornment and different barrel lengths, as well as gauge and choke choices. French Pinfire 16Ga This 100+ year old shotgun features Damascus barrels, an even brown patina on all metal, and all metal except the barrels is covered with Gold line and Silver dot inlays, Dolphi .Click for more info Seller: DENVER GUN ROOM Area Code: 303 $3,000.00 NEW THIS WEEK! The stamp or seal denoting the manufacturer, serial number and/or date of manufacture is often deeply etched into the shotgun, usually somewhere underneath it. Have a blessed remainder of the day and upcoming weekend! From as far back as the outside Hammer Doubles and many modern Hammerless Doubles. Enter US $51.00 or more [ 0 bids] Place bid. Bores are also in great shape. It is 48 inches in length and all original. Barrels are 30 inches with excellent bores. If you don't have an account, create one here. Such a gun could be brought to bear quickly, pointed easily, and could unleash a significant payload with a decent spread at even close ranges to fend off aggressors on horseback. The CZ Hammer Coach shotgun comes with dual exposed hammers, dual triggers, and a color case-hardened receiver. You will notice if the fore-end was replaced with some other kind of wood based on the transition quality and how different it is compared to the rest of the shotgun. National Cash Register Value (Most Valuable Sold for $1800+), Antique Teddy Bears: Identifying, Valuing, and Buying (2023 Updated), Antique Iron Bed Frames: History, Identification And Value (2023 Updated). Dave Maccar Some collectors prefer to say that those made before WWI or before 1900 are considered antique. While the CZ Sharptail Coach offers similar esthetics and dimensions with internal hammers and a single mechanical trigger, it too has fixed cylinder chokes. $449.97. 15 1/8 LOP recoil pad. The first thing that struck me was the quality of the Turkish walnut stock and how its stained just dark enough to perfectly match the gorgeous case hardening on the steel. Nice classic gun, Damascus barrels. You tell me. Guns chambered for .410 and 28 gauge bring a premium. Here are some of the most known ones: If you know a thing or two about collecting double-barrel shotguns, then you know that the older it is, the more valuable it is. 28' barrels choked M/M. If you just want to not kick the hell out of yourself when the urge strikes to drop the hammers on this piece of the past, a slip-on pad would work just fine, or you could just pretend its 1870 and cowboy up. EARLY 1890S. Engraving is sparsely applied. Many antique double barrel shotguns are worth a great deal of money, depending on their make, model, and condition. Pigeon guns are popular now as they make a great hammer sporting clay gun. Pre-1890 L.C. Read on! Mint with case, Armi Famars, 12 gauge, self cocking hammer gun, single trigger, W. R. Pape 12g with Rebounding Hammers and 2 3/4" Nitro proofs. Field ready for what? If you want a coach gun, you can either pay thousands of dollars for an antique you wouldnt actually shoot, go the Mad Max route and buy a beater side-by-side with the intention of getting the barrels cut down by a gunsmith, or go for a quality replica like the CZ Hammer Coach. Smith Hammer Gun" was introduced in 1884 with much fanfare and success. Shotgun Parts Vintage Hunting Black Powder Rifle Parts Complete Meriden Special Right Hand Double Barrel Shotgun Lock No Hammer, Screw Pre-Owned $60.00 katieandbill (3,096) 100% or Best Offer +$4.31 shipping Sponsored Acme Arms Co Belgian Double Barrel Shotgun SXS 12 Gauge Left Lock Minus Hammer Pre-Owned $50.00 katieandbill (3,096) 100% The older doubles were generally based on the Anson Deeley System. 5 turkey rounds I sacrificed for this review patterned surprisingly tight, printing dense 12-inch patterns with a couple fliers at 25 yards. This shotgun features Damascus barrels, color case-hardened receiver, and with scroll engravings. There are more double barrel shotgun makers than you can count when it comes to American manufacturers. VINTAGE 12ga DOUBLE spencer gun co hammers and springs -GOOD! Greener 8 bore Double in great condition ~ own a double gun with 36" barrels and weighs over 14 lbs.! Either way, theyre firearms that are a joy to own and be proud of. Less known than the other brands, the Baker isnt as well thought of as the other makers, but they were fine guns. The bad thing about shotguns not being available on these major websites is that it leaves room for being scammed and tricked. Click on picture! Weighs 16 lbs. There are a few things that you can do once youve found some marks. MSG411 CHARLES DALY DOUBLE BARREL HAMMERLESS SHOTGUN [A] $6,950.00 MSG844 ITHACA SINGLE BARREL TRAP 12 GAUGE $2,100.00 MSG1160 PHILADELPHIA MANUFACTURED GUN MARKED "KRIDER" 8 GAUGE [A] $8,500.00 MR1465 UNMARKED AMERICAN MADE PERCUSSION 16 GAUGE BY 40 CALIBER DOUBLE COMBINATION GUN [A] $3,875.00 Choked improved modified and full. During the golden years of American double guns, there were several primary companies making guns. Armi Famars, self cocking hammer gun, single trigger, 12 gauge, mod and full, 30 inch Barrels. 956, Belgian proofs, 30 inch barrels, locks marked Manhattan Arms Co., Cased Colt Mod 1878 Hammer Double Barrel Cased Colt Mod 1878 Hammer Double Barrel Shotgun. With, works fine in dry fire 30 inch barrel with normal black powder pitting''' locks up tight ''''''''' , Parker Brothers 12 Gauge SXS Shotgun. Fox - Their shotguns are considered more vintage than antique, as they were founded in 1906. These antique and vintage items may vary greatly as they were made by different manufacturers from different areas around the world. Double Rifles, Vintage Hammer Guns PARKER PARKER - HAMMER LIFTER $250 GRADE 12 GAUGE $14,500.00 SBFG 18912 32" DAMASCUS BARRELS WITH CYLINDER BORES 2 1/2" CHAMBERS BORES ARE GREAT THE GUN IS ORIGINAL AND UNTOUCHED DOUBLE TRIGGER EXTRACTORS SPLINTER FOREARM PISTOL GRIP SKELETON BUTT 8LBS 4 OZ 2 7/8 DAH 2 DAC 14 1/8 LOP 12 Gauge, Vintage Hammer Guns pw-collector, . It appears to have been shot very little but is shop worn. Fine Antique Back Action Double Barrel Rifle; Serial No. . Today, quality 12-gauge field grade guns from all the American makers during this era can be found and purchased for less than $1,000. L. C. Smiths are graceful, slender and pleasing to the eye, but the sidelock design compromised the strength of the stock, and many of them have cracked or repaired stocks. Wood has not been cut. The bores are good except for som, This low serial number Winchester 21 sports a 28" barrel chambered in 12 gauge with the unusual Cyl/Modified choke configuration- excellent not only for close bird hunting, but nice on clays cour, 12 gauge, 30" fluid steel barrels choked full & full. The CZ Hammer Coach is designed like the cowboy guns of old to give shooters a Wild West feel. Chiappa Model 1887 chiappafirearms.com CZ Hammer Classic cz-usa.com CZ Hammer Coach cz-usa.com Dixie Gun Works Baker Cavalry dixiegunworks.com Dixie Gun Works M1887 Mare's Leg Or maybe you love, Read More Most Valuable Antique Silver Spoons: Identifying, Valuing, And Buying (Ultimate Guide)Continue, Whether youre an antique weapon enthusiast or a peace lover, intricate and elegant swords of the past, Read More 9 Most Expensive Swords In The World (One Is Worth Over $100 Million! :). 2 1/2 inch chambers. The condition it is in also plays a major role in evaluating the price of double-barrel shotguns. I was wondering if you could help me identify the make and year of the gun. Just a rabbit eared double barrel that the breech opens for loading cartridges. As mentioned earlier, double barrel shotguns were manufactured all over the world and exported their products to North America. EARLY 1890S. Receiver has approximately 50% original case colors. Smith 12 Gauge Sidelock Double Barrel Hammer, Shotgun Circa 1850 Market Gun. "Side by side manufactured in 1898. Even the field grades of these wonderful old guns were made with real hand craftsmanship, at the hands of men who truly cared about what they produced. Factory finish o, History Lovers Check This Out.. Wilkes Barre Gun Company from WIlkes Barre PA. I found an old double barrel shotgun action. Smith No. For other antique firearms, check out our antique handguns, antique long guns, and old ammo, tools & neat stuff. Antique Double Barrel Shotgun Hammer Sidelock Matching Plates WESTON . The 12-gauge guns came in two frame sizes, the larger intended specifically for waterfowling. You can look for the patterns on antique specialist forums, search by Googles reverse image search, or go to the product catalog of different manufacturers and see which models are most similar.

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old double barrel shotgun with hammers